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Mr. Ghast: 4 months ago
Unfortunately, the Liberal Party has been disbanded due to its bad reputation and competing parties. We apologize to all our members for this. #LiberalParty #Government

Mr. Ghast: 5 months ago
Make sure to vote Vice-Chairman of the Liberal Party @Gargatheoro for representative! Voting ends in only an hour or so. @HPierpont is NOT a qualified candidate and does not represent the people like @Gargatheoro does. When you vote for him, make sure to first fill out the census! #HoR #Election #LiberalParty

Mr. Ghast: 5 months ago
Due to the resignation of Representative @StampyFun_, the president and I have decided it would be best to hold a special election to fill in his vacancy. This election will occur at 7:30 PM EST today with the candidates including @HPierpont and the Liberal Party Chairman @Gargatheoro. Can't wait to see the results! #Election #HoR

Mr. Ghast: 5 months ago
Several new laws proposed by President @JDillinger are currently being voted on by Congress, such as the Flag Act, Aircraft and Motor Vehicle Crimes Act, and many more. I can't wait to see all these new pieces of legislation passed. The 1.03% property tax is also being voted on currently, however it seems to be in a tie. If there continues to be a tie, I will have to break it (I plan on voting Yea on it). #Tax #Legislation

Mr. Ghast: 5 months ago
Congress and the appropriations committee is currently working on implementing a 1.03% property tax for all property owners. This will be highly beneficial to the government and allow for more government funding / larger budgets. Plus, the tax isn’t even that big! #Tax #PropertyTax

Mr. Ghast: 5 months ago
Awesome! A university has just been made for San Marco and cannot wait to see teachers, students, and other faculty working in the university. Secretary @OwenGrylls has been doing amazing and hope for more educational programs to come out in the future. I wonder what subjects will be taught there... #University #Education

Mr. Ghast: 5 months ago
All legislation proposed to the president has passed except the Anti-Lobbying Act. The president gave Chief of Staff @George_Asta the permission to approve / deny the legislation that passed Congress last Saturday. Representative @Grim__ claims that that is unconstitutional and that only the president can veto / approve bills. Rep. Grim says he will take up the case to the Chief Justice. Anyways, glad to see some legislation passed, along with the constitution! #Budget #Constitution #Laws

Mr. Ghast: 5 months ago
New party! Unfortunately, #SMPAP was disbanded by Chief Justice @Yehm, but @Gargatheoro and I have made a new party: San Marco Liberal Party. You can find a few of our beliefs in our discord server. If you need an invite, just message me or Chairman Oro. #LiberalParty #Government

Mr. Ghast: 5 months ago
Constitution has just been passed by the House of Representatives on Sunday and just needs to be approved by President @Aixory . This will establish a democratic government with fair checks & balances as well as a bill of rights for citizens. Busy week! #Constitution #HoR


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