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IGN: Aixory
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 🎃 Halloween Season #1 🎃

Dear Players,

Welcome to the Collect Pumpkins Event!

Within this event, you get the opportunity to fight against each other to try to collect 20 Pumpkins All you have is one goal: Beat each other and Collect this 20 Pumpkins First!
This might sound like an easy thing. Maybe it is, but maybe it is not! During the match, you have to fight each other Remember Only 3 people will stay alive and win the rewards, Remember you have only 1 life to spend and If you died you can't back again to the match.~

🎃 Setup
Mode: Free For All
Pumpkins Collect: 20
Date: Saturday, November 9th
Map: Halloween
Weapons: All weapons (Swords, Pistol, AK, etc..)
Time limit: Long enough to collect the 20 pumpkins
Your goal: Be first place ~

If our match gets disturbed by a disconnect from your or my side, or another reason, we will re-create the event and continue on from the previous score.

🎃 Rewards

If you can collect the 20 Pumpkins, you will be rewarded by 'Halloween Special Witch Hat, which contains: 20,000 HC $.
If you lost, you will receive '5,000 HC $' This will help you build your self in the server~

1st - 20,000 $HC with Halloween Hat
2nd - 15,000 $HC with Halloween Sword
3rd - 10,000 $HC
Other ranks will receive 5,000 $HC.

Explanation About the Event: 
🎃 How does the event work?
I'll announce the Time and Date of the Event If there are too many people who want to play we will make 2 matches.
Once you joined the event I will speak in a Highlight Red and the chat will be on mute mode which means you can't write anything in (in-game chat) until I finish speak.
You have some time to ask questions before we start the event in 10 minutes, not more.
Basically You have to kill each other to collect as fast as you can pumpkins (You do not have to kill people only If you want or If you want can fight for last pumpkin the in map.) once you complete this mission you have to take a screenshot and send it as fast as you can to Aixory#3646 in DM, and You will receive your reward by the place you achieved.
(NOTE): We don't take any responsibility If you have a problem in the screenshot folder or be too late to send your screenshot we take the first one who sent a screenshot, make sure you have everything working fine before starting.
(NOTE): If something happens and 2 players send me the screenshots at the same time we will rematch the game by 1vs1 or Randomly Choose by using an application they will choose.

🎃 How to Join the Event?

You have to leave a comment in this topic and follow this format to join:
---[ Application to Join ]---

Your IGN:
You Discord Name with Tag:

Only people who applied may play this event, Remember the thread has period time so apply now before it gets closed.

🎃 Notes:

* During the match, you may use any equipment you like (Swords, Pistol, AK, ShotGun...)!
* Leave me your IGN & Discord Name with Tag, so I know who you are in the event.
* Once we are in the match, please don't start asking me questions, or disturb our duel in another way by excessive typing. You can do that afterward.
It's not advisable to hack against the event. I don't think I have to speak out the consequences.
* You are allowed to record the event if you like.
* It may happen that I decline to a participant. The reason for that might already happen account suspensions on other accounts or another blacklist entry. But such cases will be discussed privately.

🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃
Wish you the best of luck~
HypeCity RP Administration Team!

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