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Hello HypeCity Players,

As you know we are in maintenance mode for some time because we are improving stuff in server and one of this stuff our custom new city,

If you read this post that mean you're interesting to join builder team and help us build some custom buildings in the new city!

Make sure you read until end to get all information needed and it will help you to get your application approved.

Information you have to know.


Builders are responsible for building anything the server needs, whenever it needs it. You must have a lot of knowledge of the game of Minecraft, and everything in it. As a builder your job is to serve the community of the HypeCity server by building useful places, such as shops, jails, spawns, arenas, and much more. As a builder you are not to distribute Items to players or abuse your privileges. If the listed rules are broken, you will demoted to the default rank, and will recieve a punishment depending on the misconduct.


Requirements for the position:

History on the server of at least one month - This is important so that we know that you are dedicated to the server and know the workings of the server and its regulations.

Maturity - This is important so we know you have the ability to deal with people asking for items, and so we know all server rules will be followed.

Experience - This is crucial for a builder so you know exactly what you are doing.



Copy and paste this into your post, answering in proper English and elaborate where possible:

1. In game name:

2. Your age: 3. What languages do you fluently speak: 4. Why are you interested in being a builder on HypeCity? 5. What are some amazing things you have built? [please provide images] 6. Have you been a staff on a Minecraft server before or you're currently staff in one of the servers? 7. How can we contact you? [email, discord] (Please PM me this information with your name and IGN)! 8. Why do you think you should be a builder on HypeCity? (Please wait to be accepted on the forum before attempting to use builder portals in game and for whitelisting) [Post images here:]

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